Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nutkin's Blog...

You may recall several months ago we sent a package to our blog buddies at Manaia Kindergarten. One of the items in the package was a furry toy squirrel. They shared his first day at school: Mr. Squirrel's First Day. They setteled on the name "Nutkin." Since then Nutkin has had many adventures with the kids. In fact, he has had so many wonderful outings and visits that they have given him his own blog! Yes, Nutkin has a blog all about him. Isn't that wild? ;-)There are photos and videos of him as he travels out and about New Zealand. It is fantastic to see him having such a grand time in New Zealand. He even went to visit Beverly at her home as she recovers from her surgery. Nutkin is so thoughtful! You can see the video of his visit: Nutkin at Bev's Place. We've added his link to our list of blog buddies. Please be sure to visit it often to find out what he's been up to. We love that with a quick click of the mouse, we can check in on Nutkin and see how he's getting along. Thanks Manaia Kindergarten for keeping us posted! ;-)

Nutkin's First Day in New Zealand

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Miss Kelly said...

I went to see Nutkin's adventures in New Zealand. What fun Nutkin is having down there! And to have such great friends in Manaia to share it all with us. Thank you Manaia Kindergarten! I liked reading all about Nutkin's new friends on his blog. If Nutkin can do a blog, we all should be able to blog! Yea, Nutkin!