Thursday, February 7, 2008

The 100th Day of School...

Today we celebrated 100 days of school! We have been counting all the days since the very beginning of Kindergarten. We couldn't count any days that school was closed, only the days we were actually here. Along the way we have learned to count by 1's, 5's and 10's. We've learned about place value; the ones place, the tens place and now the hundreds place. We've talked about the importance of putting the digits in the right place to show the correct value of a number; for example 17 and 71 do not have the same value. We have been anxiously awaiting our celebration. Our room was decorated and we made 100 day glasses. We did 100 exercises. Each child was to bring in 100 snacks to put in the big bowl to make a "trail mix" treat. We sorted our treats by size, color, crunchiness, etc. It was delicious! Take a look at some of the fun we had!
(Please note I am using a new video format, you may need to pause one show to view the other. I am still working out the 'kinks". Thanks!)
A.M Class Video:

PM Class Video:


Miss Kelly said...

I love the 100 Days celebrations. Your treats looked so good that they made me hungry. I would have added chocolate covered raisins or maybe jelly beans. Did you have any in your mix?

Cindy said...

Hello "Miss Kelly",
There were no chocolate covered raisins in either bunch, but we did have a few jelly beans!
Thanks for always checking in on our blog and chatting with us here!

Anonymous said...

I Love the kids in their 100 glasses. and the Love the Music as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th Day!!!

Mrs. Gilchirst

Sandra said...

Wow! 100 days! That is a celebration! Did you discover how many groups of ten are in 100?

Mrs. Stringham
1-2 Multiage
Liberty School

Manaia kindergarten said...

WOW 100 days at Kindergarten. We have only had 10 so far!! We have along way to go until we reach 100. Can you think how many? We have never celebrated 100 days at school, I will show the Kindergarten children your movie and we might be keen to start counting to our 100 day too!

Bob Greenberg said...

I got tired just watching your 100 exercises! I think there were only 99 snacks. Did someone sneak one? Do you think your teacher might have eaten one?
Mr. Greenberg from Connecticut

Mrs. Dreyer said...

Hi, from Canada. My Grade 1 class is celebrating 100 Day tomorrow. We are making necklaces from 100 Cheerios and we will boil water to 100 degrees Celsius to make Jello Jigglers. Your 100 Day looked delicious too. Now we are all 100 days smarter!
Mrs. Dreyer
Langley BC Canada

Cindy said...

Hello Mrs. Dreyer & Friends,
We had several snow days this year which has forced the 2009 Celebration of the 100th Day of school out to next Friday (Feb 13th). That happens to be the SAME day we will celebrate Valentine's Day. We're going to be very busy with counting and celebrating on that day. ;-) Thanks for visiting our blog. We hope you have fun on your 100th Day of school.