Monday, September 24, 2012

Math Games with Partners...

We love working with partners in class. We played a new math game that has a spinner built right into the paper. We used a paper clip and pencil as the spinner. We used teddy bears as our markers. We had fun! Take a look at some of the kids playing with their partners:

Friday, September 14, 2012

School Is In Session...

Another school year has started. And we're off to have lots of fun while learning. It's taking a while to get all of our permission slips back so we can post photos of us doing our work in class. But in the meantime, we'll share that we have two classes, AM and PM. There are 27 kids in the AM and 26 in the PM. We have 15 girls and 12 boys in the AM class. There are 13 girls and 13 boys in the PM class. So far we have been working on letters, sounds, counting, patterning and beginning reading skills....just to name a few. Please come back soon and see what's going on in Kindegarten!
Our Boy/Girl Graphs