Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lowe's & Spring Trail Work Together....

During the school year Mr. & Mrs. Mazzei secured a Heroes grant from Lowe's. This grant was used in conjunction with funds from our P.T.O. to fulfill a long time dream to landscape the Kindergarten Courtyard.
On the last weekend in May several volunteers from our school, Lowe's and SOS Landscaping worked together to turn the area just outside of our Kindergarten classroom from a patch of dirt and old very old mulch to a wonderful brick patio. We spent several hours raking out the mulch and dirt. We relocated it to other spots on our school grounds. Then we smoothed the surface, covered it with gravel and sand, and smoothed it some more. After a few hours we realized we were short on gravel. Just when it seemed our backs were to the wall, Jeff of SOS Landscaping showed up. He made a few phone calls and a few trips with his truck and brought loads of gravel for us. He also allowed a couple of his workers to spend the day helping us. It was as if an angel had been sent to us in the form of Jeff!
We worked for 3 days placing the paver bricks. It was hard work and could not have been completed without the generous support of the volunteers from Spring Trail, Lowe's and SOS Landscaping. To name a few.... Mr. & Mrs. Borczak, Mr. & Mrs. Baughman, Mr. & Mrs. Garner, Mr. & Mrs. Mazzei, Mrs. Butler, Mr. Gennuardi, Mr. Schoewe, Mr. & Mrs. Matticks, Mr. & Mrs. O'Connor, Mrs. Shields-Zars, Mr. & Mrs. McGee, Mrs. Jablonski and Mrs. Mangoni.
In addition to our Spring Trail volunteers, we had volunteers from Lowe's (thanks Josh for helping organizing everyone) and SOS Landscaping to guide and help us.
Tony, of The Dogfather donated lunch for us on Saturday. Pietanza's Pizza delivered dinner.
Hot Off the Press Promotions made our T-shirts.
It has been a long time dream to have this space transformed into a useable space for kids. With the finished space, we can extend the Kindergarten classroom space. Take a look at some of the many photos taken of us working and then enjoying the space.
Thanks again to EVERYONE for all your help! It was a great showing of community and support!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Duck or Rabbit?...

At a course I took a few weeks ago, my friend, Mrs. Partyka shared the book, DUCK! RABBIT! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I really like the book and thought you might like it too. I found a video promoting the book at YouTube.
Tell me, which do you see, the DUCK or the RABBIT? ;-)

Thanks for sharing this great book Mrs. Partyka!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4th of July...

This video was posted here last year to celebrate the 4th of's well worth celebrating again: