Saturday, April 5, 2008

Annual Fun Fair...

On Friday, April 4th, we had our 12th Annual Fun Fair. This year our theme was "Rock and Roll". As always, our community pulled together to help make our event a great success. We had volunteers from our families, staff and many local vendors to donate time and prizes and food. Thanks to everyone for helping to make Spring Trail School a great place to be!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Blakely, once again you have done an amazing job showcasing highlights of our Spring Trail Community working together and enjoying themselves.
Thank you, for all your effort!!!!
We really appreciate all that you do!
Chris Brainard

Cindy said...

Mrs. Brainard,
Thanks for visiting our blog. We really enjoy using the blog to share what we do at Spring Trail with our families, friends and the world!

Thanks to you and the rest of the P.T.O. for all that you do to make our jobs easier and school more fun for the kids!

Mrs. Blakely

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Blakely,

Thank you for taking your time to make such an awesome video. Spring Trail is blessed to have you as a teacher. "YOU ROCK".

Kelly Skubski

Cindy said...

Hello Mrs. Skubski,
Thanks for your nice comments. We love that you took the time to check out our blog and share your thoughts. We hope you will come again soon.

Mrs. Blakely and the kids

Miss Kelly said...

Wasn't that an awesome Fun Fair? It's fun to get out and play with all of our Spring Trail Family and just have a good time. Thank you, Mrs. Blakely, for capturing all of the fun and excitement!