Friday, April 11, 2008

At Home Movies...

From time to time we will be able to watch school related videos right from our own computers. The same folks that bring us the Discovery Channel, have made videos available to teachers and students. You must have the pass code to view the movies at home. You should have received a paper from me with the pass code on it. Look for the icon on the right side of our blog to access the Discovery Student Center. You will see a screen like this:

Enter the pass code and your name. Be sure to hit the submit button when you're done watching the movie. It will send me an Email telling me that you watched the video. Have fun and look for more videos on other topics soon!


Cindy said...

Hello Am & PM Classes...
You may have tried to watch the video already.
I checked out THe Discovery Movie link this morning.The link on our blog is right. I tried getting to that site several different ways. It appears they are having trouble on their end. ;-(
We'll have to try back later and hope they have worked things out.

Mrs. Blakely

Kathy Cassidy said...

I LOVE the way you have used Odiogo to give your blog a voice!