Sunday, October 14, 2007

Squirrel Facts...

A few weeks ago we spent time learning about Squirrels! We learned what they like to eat, where they live, and other interesting facts. We drew pictures of squirrels and shared one fact that we remembered. (Please note that due to technical difficulties, we are not able to post all our students sharing facts at this time. Please check back later, we continue to try to work it out.)


Tarnz said...

WOW what amazing artwork and facts. I can't wait to show Manaia Kindergarten children this movie tomorrow. Did you know we don't have squirrels in New Zealand?

Manaia kindergarten said...

Do you know that actually we don't have squirrels in New Zealand
by Temiluca

I learnt about squirrels, they eat nuts
by Shea

Manaia kindergarten said...

I like your pictures.
I like your pictures and your movies.
I like your pictures