Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fire Safety

We spent time learning all about Fire Safety. Here is some of what we know:
Eddie: "Do not hide from the firefighters."
Katlin: "When your clothes catch on fire, STOP, DROP, & ROLL."
Justin: "If you are trapped in your room, BANG on the window."
James: "Close the door when you are sleeping, so the fire doesn't get you."
Stephanie: "If there is a fire downstairs, you might have to go back upstairs."
Samantha: "The Firefighters use the 'jaws-of-life-' in a car accident."
Jovanni: "The firefighters wear special clothes to be safe from the fire".
Alexandra: "Feel the door, if it's hot you should not open it"
Sunny: "You crawl in smoke, so you don't get confused."
Zach: "Never put a lot of plugs in the wall."
Giana: "If the smoke alarm goes off while you are sleeping, roll out of bed and crawl."
Maggie: "When there is a fire, go to your meeting place."
Kamil: "NEVER play with matches."
Alex: "Never play with lighters."
Isabella: "Be careful by the fireplace."

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Anonymous said...

What a great movie Mrs Blakely. It is great to see you know lots about how to keep yourselves safe in a fire Kindergarten Kids. We have been on a trip to the Fire Station once before and have even had the Fire Engine visiting our Kindergarten. It is coming again next week. We will post some photos for you to see. Do you have a safe meeting place at Kindergarten if the fire alarm goes off? Our safe meeting place is by our sandpit. We have Fire Drills every term to practice what to do and where to go.
Manaia Kindergarten