Friday, October 26, 2007

Environmental Shapes...

A few days ago we had fun finding shapes in our environment. We were randomly placed in groups (we drew papers with shapes on them). Our groups were the CIRCLE, SQUARE, RECTANGLE and TRIANGLE groups. Each group had to look all over the room to find the shapes that matched the name of their group. Look at how many things we found. Can you name all the shapes? Can you find things at home that have these shapes? What did you find? (You can leave a comment about what you found at home).


Mrs. Partyka said...

Hi Kindergarten Friends!

You did a great job hunting for shapes! My favorite shape in my kitchen is round! It's my pumpkin that I just carved!

Happy Halloween!
Mrs. Partyka

a peek at the szyds said...

I love your blog! What fun to see what you are doing in kindergarten. I can't wait to check back and see what's new. Good work!
Trick or Treat!
Mrs. Szydlowski

Manaia kindergarten said...

Isn't it amazing - the shapes you have found around you. I will show your movie to the children at Kindergarten and maybe they can find some shapes to photograph around Manaia. I wonder how many of the shapes and objects will be the same as the ones you found.

Manaia kindergarten said...

The children at Manaia Kindergarten have taken photos of the shapes they found and made it into a movie to share with you. It was a week long piece of work and they really enjoyed discovering shapes inside, outside and int their lunchboxes. See if some of the shapes we have at our Kindergarten are similar to the ones you have at your Kindergarten.