Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day...

Today is Blog Action day. We are participating in this world-wide effort to be more aware of things we can do to help our environment. We talked about ways we can Reuse & Recycle. Please take a few minutes to read about our ideas and think about what YOU can do to help.
We would love to hear your comments about what you think you might do too...

Blake: "I am going to reuse my empty water bottles."
Nathan: "I am going to recycle the pop cans."

Katelyn: "I can use old boxes to make trains and other toys and games."
Jovanni: "I can color old boxes and make cars out of them."
Bilal: "We can take the water bottles and fill them with water again."
Alexandra: "I can say 'No' if I really don't need a bag at the store."
Kara; "If you have an empty can, you can wash it and put it in the recycle bin."
Mrs. Blakely: "When I shop, I am going to try to remember to carry my own tote bags."
Zach: "We can wash windows with the old newspapers."
Michael: " I am going to put stuff in the recycling cans and old newspapers."
Timmy: "I am going to wash out bottles and throw them in the recycle bin."
Dillon: "When I outgrow stuff, I am going to give it to my little cousin."
Daniel:" I am going to recycle my old books or give away the baby books."
Giana:"I am going to reuse water bottles."

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