Thursday, September 13, 2007

Proud AM Class...Add PM too!

Everyday we look at our message chart and we find the words we know. We put highlighter on the ones we know. Most of the time, we don't get all of the words. BUT TODAY WE GOT ALL OF THE WORDS!! We are so proud of ourselves!!
BOTH classes could read all the words today.

Note: The children dictated to me the words they wanted here today. They are getting very good at posting! :-) VERY nice job of sounding out and reading words kids!


Anonymous said...

HI AM Class,

Spencer came home so excited to show us your blog. Happy 900 Visitors!!! We can't wait until you reach 1000 visitors to your blog. We love to see all the fun ways you are learning at school.

Can't wait for more!

The Kuhns Family

Pornsurang said...

Sunny asks me almost everyday about the blog and he wants to show me how to click it. I think he's very excited about that. And I'd like to compliment about the notes that they write to each other. It's very good way to teach them. I'm so surprised that my son can sound and guess how to write some words already.
Thanks a lot,
Sirinit Family