Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Great Wall of China

During Tub-Time (math), Liam and Alex decided to build this structure. They had a conversation about it that went like this:
"This is the Great Wall of China. Isn't it Magnificent?". A few minutes later, pieces of the wall fell. Michael informed them: "Your Great Wall of China is kind of rickety." (What great vocabulary boys!) Click here to learn more about the Great Wall of China.
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Manaia kindergarten said...

We built a Great Wall of China. Have you seen ours on our Kindergarten Blog? Our friend Eleanor went to China and walked on the Great Wall of China.
Your wall is very tall. We counted 7 rows of blocks balancing on your wall. How long did it balance for?

Manaia kindergarten said...

We have a Liam and a Alex at our Kindergarten too! It was funny when we read your names..

Leslie Hill said...

Mrs. Blakely's Kindergarden class:

What a nice website - I can't believe how big the wall of China is and all of the friends that you guys have made in New Zealand. What a small world... What a wonderful teacher... Hope this school year brings lots of exciting things to learn!

Eleanor said...

Its Eleanor here from Manaia Kindergarten. I was lucky enough to walk on the Great Wall of China. It was incredibly high and very hard to walk to the top. Your design of the Great Wall of China is "spot on". Keep an eye on Manaia's blog for photos of my visit to this modern wonder of the world.