Friday, September 21, 2007

Our Replies to New Zealand...

We recently posted questions to our friends in New Zealand. They were kind enough to respond and then had questions for us. Here are the replies from the AM & PM classes:

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Treehouse Dwellers said...

Wow.Thank you so much for your replies. The children were excited to hear your answers. We are on holiday for two weeks but I am sure many of them will check out the site and hopefully find your answers.

When the children get back there will be many stories to share with you about their holidays - and I'm sure more questions and discussions with you.

Manaia kindergarten said...

Hi Everyone
Thanks so much for your answers. You all speak so well and I enjoyed seeing pictures of you at Kindergarten. We are on holiday now and Beverly and I are going to Rotorua and Auckland. Have you seen where they are on the map? We will post some photos on our blog. Rotorua has lots of hot bubbling mud pools and it smells of rotten eggs!

Marnie Thomas said...

Wow, that is a very clever way to use Bubble share - good to hear you have been talking to the kiwis as we are a cool lot!