Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Know Fire Safety...

We have been learning about ways to keep safe from fire. We know what to do if our clothes catch fire, if we are in a room filled with smoke, what to do if we find matches, and more. Many of our classmates still need to find an outside meeting place at home, and we hope that will happen soon. For more Fire Safety information, visit our FIRE SAFETY page on our class website. This video covers many of the things we talked about in class, watch it with your family and remember to BE SAFE!


Mrs. Lomax said...

Dear Mrs. Blakely and class

I am so happy you studied fire safety!! It is so important to know. We all watched the video you attached and we are going to test our fire alarms RIGHT NOW! Looking forward to some Halloween fun on Friday!! Have a GREAT week!!! :)

Cindy said...

Hello Mrs. Lomax,
Good to hear that you are checking the fire alarms now. We are hoping more families will do that as well as establish a meeting place. We have learned so much in this unit. I am certain the Firefighters will be impressed when they come to visit! Kudos to the kids for their attention to the detail!

Mrs. Blakely

The Pawelkiewicz said...

Dear Mrs. Blakely,
Our family watched the fire safety video, and Nora reminded us to close our bedroom doors, and asked to buy a safety escape ladder.Thanks for the blog, we enjoy & appreciate being able to see what's being taught in class.

Thanks, The Pawelkiewicz

Cindy said...

I am so proud of Nora for sharing what she learned in class with her family. We talked about how it might be a bit scary to sleep with the door closed, but it truly is the safest way when it comes to fire safety! Way to go Nora!
Thanks for visiting our blog and sharing your thoughts with us!