Saturday, October 16, 2010

Apple Treats...

We had fun sorting, graphing, and counting our apples. But the most fun of all came when we got to EAT the apples. We made "Apple Smiles" and " Slow-Cooked Apples".
Take a look at the fun we had making our apple smiles and eating our apple treats:


Mrs. Lomax said...

Hello Kindergarteners!!

We just finished watching the fun you had making things with apples. We love the apple teeth!! Looks like some of those lips can use some chapstick. :) Glad you all had fun! Looking forward to what you all do next! Keep up the GREAT work!

Mrs. Lomax

Cindy said...

Hello Mrs. Lomax,
Thanks for checking out the blog! We love to get comments. Yes, some of the apple smiles look in need of some lip therapy! ;-)
Thanks again! Come back soon!

Anonymous said...

I love coming and and seeing what is new and exciting in the day of the kindergarteners. It makes me feel like I am part of your classrom. The kids all looked like they really enjoyed the apples and all the activities they got to do centered around them! Keep up the good work!!

Shannon Dyer
(kaileys mom)