Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Know Fish....

We have been learning about FISH! We know that...
  • fish breathe out of gills
  • they are cold-blooded animals
  • fish are all different colors and sizes
  • some fish have fake eyes
  • fish don't have eyelids
  • they sleep with their eyes open
  • fish that live deep in the bottom of the sea can sometimes light up
  • clown fish live in sea anemones
  • most fish have a skeleton or backbone
  • lung fish can breathe out of the water
  • swordfish have a nose that looks like a sword
  • fish must live in water
  • Mom sea horse give the eggs to dad to hold onto
  • some fish have weapons
  • some fish make nests
  • some fish hold their eggs in their mouths
  • some fish eat other fish
  • if a fish has sharp teeth then you know they eat other fish
  • sharks have rows and rows of teeth
  • the biggest fish of all is the whale shark
  • the archer fish can spit water to catch his food
  • salmon can go in salt water or fresh water
  • you can get a cut from shark skin
  • some fish go to cleaning stations
  • big fish let little go in their mouths to clean their teeth
  • some fish live in fresh water and some live in salt water
  • sharks are fish
  • some fish use camouflage
  • some fish are blind
  • if sharks and rays stop moving they will sink

We know LOTS more about fish. Take a look at the pictures we made of fish using the Paint program. We drew the fish and labeled the parts....gills, eye, mouth, fin, & tail.


Anonymous said...

Hi! WOW! I have been following your blog for a couple of weeks now and I think what you have done here is fantastic! Cindy, I am also a Kindergarten teacher, but in Ontario, Canada and I am currently taking a teaching course about using technology in the classroom. Your blog has motivated me to create a blog for my own classroom. I really love seeing what your students have created and love reading all your creative ideas. Thank you for sharing and please, if you wish to stop by my blog, feel free. I am just getting started, so any tips would be wonderful :) http://tvandenenden.edublogs.org/

Dan and Katie said...

Wow! Thank you for posting all of the fish facts. A few of us in fifth grade were just pondering what a sleeping fish might look like, and you've helped answer it...Who knew they sleep with their eyes open?! I will share with the fifth graders tomorrow!
Your fish pictures are amazing...I appreciate the bubble transition!! Love it!

Mrs. Bailey

Ronak Jain said...

Hey,this information is very fantastic and cool for the kids to remember.