Thursday, May 28, 2009

Octopus Come to Kindergarten...

We learned about the octopus a few weeks ago. Today, Mrs. Blakely surprised us by bringing three of them to school. They were not alive but they were REAL! There were two babies and one REALLY BIG one. We were all thrilled, and a little scared. We paired up with a friend and took turns looking at, touching and holding the octopus! Mrs. Varava came in to take pictures for us. You can see the excitement on all of our faces:

Thanks to Mrs. Varava for taking all these wonderful photos!


Anonymous said...

How fun to see an octopus and the looks on the kid's faces! It was so nice of you to bring those in.

Anne Hawes

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Where did you get those Cindy? That is really a neat experience for the kids! Thank you Mrs. Varava for taking the picture and thanks for posting them. This is a great site and I enjoying coming on and seeing what the kids get to do in class.

Marnie Hallin
aka Ella's Mommy

Kindergarden children said...

Yes, i can see that all are very happy .

Beverly Kaye said...

I've just visited your blog again to find that a month ago you had octopuses at kindergarten. I am sure you haven't forgotten - by the look in your faces I am sure you will remember this for years.

Have you heard about the Colossal Squid accidentally caught off the coast of New Zealand - it weighed 495 kg (1,091 lb) and was initially estimated to measure 10 m (33 ft) in total length (wikipedia). Can you measure out 10m in your kindergarten room? It was a squid and not an octopus. I wonder what is the difference?

We love finding out about animals in the sea. We had Niall's Dad come and fillet fish at Manaia Kindergarten and we looked at its insides. Check out our story

Cheers Beverly - Manaia Kindergarten

Hunter Park said...

Love the octopus, we found a live one on our trip to the beach earlier in the year and it's colours were amazing.
David at Hunter Park Kindergarten