Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day & Recycling Dead Batteries...

Today we celebrated Earth Day. We watched the video THE LORAX and talked more about doing our part to help reduce the amount of waste we add to our Earth. After our recent visit from SCARCE; we started wondering what changes we could make in our lifestyles to help the Planet. One thing we decided was to start recycling dead batteries. We sent a note home letting our families know about our decision. The response was overwhelming! We got a LOT of batteries. Grace brought in two very large bags of them. The PM class worked hard to count them all. We had 248 AA batteries alone. In all we had more than 425 batteries in less than one week! That's AMAZING! We are hoping to inspire others in our school to bring them to us as well. We will give them to a local fire department to dispose of properly for us. This will keep them out of the landfills and ultimately help the planet! If we can do can you! Won't you join us in our efforts. Remember, together we can do so much!


Sage said...

at my house we are making raised beds so we dnt have to use the store as much

Cindy said...

We were so excited to receive the following letter:

April 28, 2009

"Dear Mrs. Blakely's Class,
I saw on your web page that you are collecing batteries to recycle. I have been saving my hearing aide batteries for three years as I could not find a way to recycle them and did not want to throw them out. your project is just the thing I have been lookinig for.
Enclosed, please find a container with about 120 batteries for you to recycle. I hope you continue the good work you have been doing keeping our earth green!
Jeff Lake
Director of Information Services
School District U-46"

Ronak Jain said...

Celebrating such a days will help kids to think about the environment .

Kindergarden children said...

These environmental programs are been conducted in our institution with great zeal .