Monday, February 2, 2009

Six More Weeks...

Today we heard that the groundhog saw his shadow. That means we'll have SIX MORE weeks of COLD weather! There are a lot of us that are sad about that. Especially Mrs. Blakely because she doesn't like the snow! When we look at our predictions from Friday, most kids guessed wrong. Maybe more kids guessed wrong because they were wishing for Spring! Well, we will just have to bundle up and bear it!

Photo courtesy of AP

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Anonymous said...

Kia Ora Spring Trail Children
Sounds like you are having lots of cold weather! We are very lucky in New Zealand that we are enjoying lots of sunshine and hot days at Kindergarten. We have just come back from our long summer holidays... Now we are complaining it is toooooooo hot to be at Kindergarten! Have you seen the pictures of our new playground on our blog. We have a fantastic water pump that we can cool down with. Hope spring comes soon!
Manaia Kindergarten