Friday, February 27, 2009

A Double Celebration...

We are trying to get caught up here on our blog. Back on Feb. 13th we had a "Double Celebration". Due to several snow days, we ended up celebrating the 100th Day of School, along with Valentine's Day! Talk about a FULL day! If you're wondering what the 100th Day is all about we'll try to explain. Since our very first day of school, back in August of '08, we have been counting the days we have been in school. We can only count the days we are actually in class so having snow days can't be included. We were not so sure about celebrating two special events in the same day, but what else could we do? We couldn't celebrate the 100th Day on the 99th day, nor could we wait until the 101st day of school. It just didn't seem right. We agreed that a double party was both well deserved and the right thing to do! ;-)
Take a look at a quick video of our 100th Day Celebration and then take a peek at our Valentine's Day Party. As always, the mom's made our parties so special. We even got a special treat of cotton candy from the "Cotton Candy Ladies" ;-).
What a fun day!

Here's a peek at our Valentine's Day Party:

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