Sunday, August 17, 2008

20,000 Visitors...

Wow! We started our Kindergarten Blog a little less than a year ago and we have had 20,000 visitors locally and from all over the world. It's almost hard to believe that anyone, outside of our classroom, would be interested in what we do in class. 
Thanks to the many folks who have visited and continue to return to see what is going on with us. Thanks to the parents who have allowed their children to visit and explore our blog on a regular basis. Thanks also to the parents of my students for your trust and allowing me to share your child with the world. Thanks to the many other students across the globe that have visited as well. Thanks to instructors/professors who use our blog as a model for how to blog with young learners and the potential that lies within using Web 2.0 tools with such young students. Thanks to our "Blog Buddies" in New Zealand as well as other classrooms we have come to know through the wonders of blogging. The Kindergarten Tales blog audience has far exceeded anything I could have every imagined in such a short time! I am practically at a loss for words!

In a little over a week, we'll be starting a new school year with two new sets of Kindergartners. Only a few of them know of the blog; but if things go like they did our first year... the students will quickly become excited and involved! I am very excited to see where we will go with it this year as well.
We certainly hope you will continue to check in on us as we share our learning with the world. We look forward to reading your comments and giving you insights to what we do in Kindergarten.
Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Blakely,

Congrats on 20,000!!! Thanks for working so hard on the blog all year. It has been so much fun for Spencer and our family. Spencer loved sharing everything from class with us. His siters also enjoyed seeing themselves at the school functions. You are a wonderful teacher. Thanks for helping our children enjoy school. Spencer really loved having you last year. Thanks for helping him prepare for 1st grade.
We'll see you soon.

The Kuhns Family

Cindy said...

Hello Kuhns Family,
Thanks for your kind words! I agree, we had a great year in Kindergarten and lots of fun in class and with our blog! When I look back at the blog I am reminded of some of the fun we had!
I am looking forward to coming down the hall to see the kids from last year and check in on how everyone's summer went.
Thanks again!

Mrs. Blakely

Michelle Ellis said...

Wow! I am a Kindergarten teacher in Jacksonville Florida. I just started a blog about my classroom where I team teach. We are excited because we have over 100 visitors after only a week. I can just imagine what you feel! We will be visiting your site often to learn from you and your class.Our school theme this year is taking a virtual tour around the world. We are interested in finding other classes to communicate with. If you are interested our blog is

Manaia Kindergarten said...

Congratulations on the 20,000 - what an incredible adventure it has been. We have thoroughly enjoyed our connections with you and hope your new year with new students continues that precious link.

grad student said...

I am an early childhood major about to graduate, and I love your blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this, I have found many helpful links and cute ideas through this blog as well. I loved to see that you also have a link to National Geographic, because when I was teaching last semester we were studying about the Amazon rainforest and it really came in handy! The videos on National Geographic for kids were very popular with our kindergarteners and it was a wonderful change for them to be able to watch a live video.

The Alabama Messners said...

I am very excited to read your blog. I am planning to create one of my Kindergarten class this year and have been looking at different ones out there. Yours has been very helpful. I would be interested in the permission form you sent out to your parents before starting the blog.