Friday, June 20, 2008

Easy Tech for Summer...

Hello Kindergarten Friends...As promised in my year-end letter to you all, we are ready to begin our summer Easy Tech lessons. Back in October we had a post here on how to log into Easy Tech. You can look it over again by clicking here: October post on Easy Tech. As outlined in my letter, these are a review of the lessons covered during the school year. Keep in mind you will start the year in First Grade with a computerized assessment. Repeating these lessons will keep your computer skills sharp and allow you to focus more on the assessment and not so much on how to use the computer. Watch the video to remind you how to log in. Your user name and passwords have stayed the same. Email me if you have forgotten either. Have fun!

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Anthony Powell said...

Congratulations, Mrs. Blakely and the students of Room 102, on an outstanding first year of class blogging. You've learned so much about the world and shared so much with the world that our hearts are filled with wonder and excitement.

Have a great summer!

Mr. Anthony Powell
Delaware, USA