Monday, May 5, 2008

The Shedd Aquarium...

As part of our Sea Life unit, we took a trip into Chicago to the Shedd Aquarium. Both classes met early in the morning to spend the entire school day at the Shedd. We had plenty of parents on board to help chaperon. Miss Frandsen's Kindergarten classes went too. We arrived on time, no traffic delays, and went right in to see the Dolphin Show. It was so exciting to see all the great tricks the dolphins have been trained to do. We got to explore the Shedd and then got to eat lunch in the "Munch Room". We had time for more exploring. We saw a diver feeding fish, including parrot fish, rays and sharks. The Shedd also has an area with fish from lakes and rivers. We got to see snakes that like to live in the water. We also saw seahorses, otters, and one of the newest members to the Shedd family, the baby beluga whale. It was a baby boy and his name is Miki. Learn more facts about the Shedd's Beluga whales.
There were so many wonderful and fascinating animals to see there. We have lots of photos to share. The video of our trip will follow check back.

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