Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An Octopus is Amazing....

We learned some very interesting things about the octopus. Here are a few things that we know about these amazing animals:
  • An Octopus can squirt black ink because they are afraid and they want to escape their enemies

  • They have 8 legs

  • They have 240 suction cups on their legs

  • Their legs are called tentacles

  • They have big heads

  • They can change color for protection

  • They are really smart, they can take the top off a jar to get at food

  • They like to eat crabs

  • Their bodies are squishy because they don't have any bones

  • They can live in small spaces

  • They use their siphons to go fast to get away from enemies

  • They use their siphons to clean out their dens

We watched some really cool videos about how smart an octopus can be. Check them out:

Visit Enchanted Learning to find out more about the octopus.

Check back soon to see what other wonders we are learning about.

(flickr photo courtesy of: Sabinche)

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