Monday, March 24, 2008

Writing in Kindergarten...

We are becoming such good writers. We are learning to use what we know about letters and sounds to help us write. At this point, our goal is not to spell every, single, word correctly. It is to get our ideas down on paper. To some, our writing may be hard to read. When you read our writing you may find it helpful to think of "Vanity Plates" on cars. Not every letter is included, but you can begin to make out the words. We also know our pictures need to match our words. We are also learning that good writers add details to their work. Writing is fun! Take a look at some writers from our P.M. Class:


Manaia Kindergarten said...

What concentration!! You all look like you are loving writing and it is great to hear you reading the words back to us too. Written words are an exciting way to tell people stories, leave messages, and write instructions. You are well on your way to being great communicators in your writing.

Melissa said...

What a great video! It looks like the students have great concentration. It is so exciting to hear them reading the words back.

For more practice with reading, check out This website is packed with fun reading games and activities for Kindergarten. I would love to see a video up of you guys playing some games!