Monday, January 28, 2008

Things That Come In 2's...

We read two books called "The Mitten". One was written by Jan Brett and the other was written by Alvin Tresselt. We talked about how the two books are the same and how they are different. Mrs. Blakely wrote our ideas down on cards and we sorted the cards by things that were in the Brett version vs. the Tresselt version and things that were in both versions. We use hula hoops to make a venn diagram.

From there we talked about things that come in TWOS. A lot of kids took pictures of things in our room that come in 2's. Take a look at the pictures we took.

(Note: Katlin and Stephanie assisted with the wording of this post.)

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India Tresselt said...


My name is India Tresselt. My father was Alvin Tresselt. I am so glad you read and enjoyed his book, "The Mitten"! If you ever have any questions about my father, I would be glad to hear from you. You may write to me at