Friday, December 14, 2007

Hokey Pokey...

Milly at Manaia Kindergarten made a video of the Hokey Tokey. We really enjoyed watching it. In America, we have a song that is VERY similar. We call it the Hokey Pokey! Our friends in Ms. Frandsen's class (Room 103) joined us in the commons to dance. We made a video to share with our New Zealand friends. We hope you like it Milly!

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Manaia kindergarten said...

In New Zealand we have hokey pokey ice cream! Do you have that flavour in America? Loved your singing and dancing and I have phone Milly's Mum to tell her to check out your blog. Could you listen to the CD we sent with NZ songs on it, did you know any of them? Maybe we could put our version of the Hokey Tokey on a CD to send to you.