Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gingerbread Kids...

We have been enjoying several versions of the Gingerbreadman stories. We made these "Gingerbread Kid Glyphs". The rules for the glyph were: If you are a girl, make BLUE eyes. If you are a boy, make BLACK eyes. If you are 5 years old, make RED buttons. If you are 6 years old make GREEN buttons. The rest of the decorations were up to each child. Look at our Gingerbread Kids and see if you can tell if a girl or boy made it, and if the child was 5 or 6 years old. Have fun!

See our link to the right for more Gingerbread Fun, but hurry, the Gingerbread site will run away soon!

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Manaia kindergarten said...

Great Gingerbread Kids - they look good enough to eat! Did you get to bake gingerbread kids too! In the last week of term we used the squirrel cookie cutter you sent us to make gingerbread squirrels! They tasted delicious and luckily didn't run away like the gingerbread man did! Lots of love for a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season. We have really enjoyed getting to know you all over the year and look forward to blogging with you during 2008.
Manaia Kindergarten Friendsxxx