Friday, November 23, 2007

Our Package Arrived...

About a week and a half ago, we mailed a package to our "Blog Buddies" at Manaia Kindergarten in New Zealand. We talked about sending a package to them to share something from our world with them. Back when we did our "Squirrel Facts", they told us that they don't have squirrels in N.Z. We knew right away what to send to them. Mrs. Blakely ordered a squirrel puppet on the Internet. Several parents went to the bookstores in town and online and got squirrel books to send along with the puppet. Mrs. Blakely showed us books on and both classes got to order a book they thought our Blog Buddies would enjoy. We gathered several other squirrel related items, gave the squirrel advice on flying in a plane, kissed him goodbye and shipped everything off in a big box to New Zealand. The kids at Manaia Kindergarten seemed to have welcomed the squirrel with open arms. Click here to see what he did on his first day in New Zealand: Mr. Squirrel's First Day in Manaia Kindergarten, N.Z. We are excited to see what he'll do there.

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