Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We're Back and Making Graphs...

Kindergarten started for us almost a month ago. We've been very busy getting to know each other and learning the classroom routines. We've visited the Library, Computer Lab and Gym. We are learning to read books, explore websites, jump rope, ride scooters and more. In class we are learning to work with partners and in small groups. We are learning how to read the calendar, count money, graph the weather and so much more. We read a few books about kids with really long names. We graphed to see how many letters we have in our names.
Name Graph (PM Class)

Name Graph (AM Class)
We also made a scatter graph of our birthdays.November is our busiest month for birthdays. December is the loneliest with ZERO birthdays!
Please visit our blog again soon to hear and see more of what's going on in our class!


Sarah said...

Looks like you're having fun while learning. Great!

Peggy Nicoll said...

What a great start to a very fun year! I can't wait to see what other wonderful projects the Kindergarten classes do.
Peggy Nicoll

Kristin Westby said...

This blog is great! Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful projects you are working on.