Sunday, January 22, 2012

Counting the Teen Numbers...

We continue to work on learning the difference between 17 and 71 and other confusing teen numbers. Perhaps your class needs a little help with this too.
We're hoping this song will help:

A few times listening and you won't be able to stop singing! ;-)
Come on everybody.... ;-)


Anonymous said...

We love your blog. We started our own and we read about Pete because you made him seem so fun!
Now, we are going to learn this number song. We love it!!
We can't wait to see what other fun things you do!
The Concentrating Kindergarteners

Jackie P. said...

I also found this video on youtube. My class LOVES it! When they cannot remember how to write a number in the teens, all I have to say is, "Come on everybody! Let's get this done. Numbers in the teens all start with a..." and my kids say, "One!" It has really helped with teen numeral recognition.

Anonymous said...


i didn't like the song because teens should be taught with tens. 14 isn't a 1 & 4. its 1 ten & 4 units. Kids should be taught the correct way to compose numbers.

Cindy said...

Hi, I understand your point about 10's and 1's, but something like this song can also help kids who struggle with recognising the numerals. We work on 10's and 1's in class, but the phrasing of the TEEN numbers seem to throw a lot of children off. The numbers often don't make as much sense to the kindergartners as the numbers 20 and above.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, this is awesome! My kiddos get stuck with 11, 12 and 13.... and of course EVERYTHING is better when you put music to it! Thanks so sharing!

Anonymous said...

I want to use this with my Kindergarten class but my district blocks youtube... anyway you could get it on teacher tube?

Cindy said...

Unfortunately, this is not my own video. ;-(