Wednesday, December 1, 2010

100,000 Visitors!!!

We are thrilled and excited to note that as of today, we hit the 100,000 mark on our blog! That is a really BIG number! We are constantly amazed that so many people have taken an interest in what we do in class.
Thanks for visiting and we hope you will continue to check out what we do in Kindergarten!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! CONGRATS!!!! To think Katlin was in class when this all began and here is Addie at 100,000!!!


The Koth's

Anonymous said...

Great Blog! I love seeing what's going on in the class! It great to see pictures too!

(hi Emily)

Lisa G in Memphis said...


Zeeman said...

congratulation :]

Christina said...

Hi Kindergarten!

I am a Kindergarten teacher from Ohio and I LOVE your blog! It's so fun to see that our kindergarten class is doing many of the same things as your kindergarten class and others around the world! And tell your teacher to kiss her brain for all of her great ideas and hard work!

Mrs. Chandler :)
Saint Columbkille School
Parma Ohio