Friday, September 3, 2010

Boy & Girl Graph...

We have many friends in class. Some of us are friends from before Kindergarten; and others we are just getting to know! We made a graph of the girls and boys in our class. Take a look at the photo and use it to answer the following questions:
  • In the A.M. Class, are there more boys or girls? How many more?
  • In the P.M. Class, are there more girls or boys? How many more?
  • Comparing the A.M. girls with the P.M. girls, which class has more girls? How many more?
  • Do the same for the A.M. boys & the P.M. boys.
  • Which class has the most students?
  • How many students in all?
  • What else do you notice about the graph?

Left side=A.M.

Right side= P.M.

(boys are on left side of each graph)


Deborah said...

This is a terrific graph - simple and engaging! Great idea!

Alicia Woods said...

Brilliant idea! The total amount of students in all: 44

Kalei Chang said...

Great idea!