Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kindergarten '10-'11

Hello from the '10-'11 Kindergartners! Today was our first day of class. We said goodbye to our parents at the door, and began learning about our routines. We are making our first books in class too. We were just learning about CENTER TIME when our day had to end.We look forward to more learning tomorrow.
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AM Class:
PM Class
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Anonymous said...

What a great way to share the day! Thank you Mrs. Blakely for taking the time to share their day with us! Looks like everyone is transitioning nicely with all those smiles! :)

Beata Semar said...

Look at all the big girls and boys! We are so proud of you! Have a great time in Kindergarten, be good and listen to Mrs. Blakely. Can't wait to read about all the fun things you will be doing in class. Thanks for sharing!
Leyla's mom :)