Monday, April 19, 2010

More Sea Life...

We have been very busy learning about different types of sea animals. So far we have learned about a variety fish, starfish and crabs.We have made art projects related to some of the animals. Our mural is coming along very nicely. Take a peek at how it looks so far:
This is in our classroom:This is in the hallway:
PS...We also know that mermaids are not real, but it's fun to pretend! :-)


Manaia Kindergarten said...

"Hey I know that mermaids are real. My sister has seen them at Matapouri rock pools" Rocco at Manaia Kindergarten.

Manaia Kindergarten said...

In our water there are snapper, scallops, pipis and cockles, sting rays, sharks, lots of dolphins, whales - orcha whales visit our bay sometimes. Ayla, Flynn, Rocco, Grace

"There's something my Dad has caught - an octopus" - Flynn

Children from Manaia Kindergarten

Manaia Kindergarten said...

Flynn knows lots about interesting creatures that live in the sea, like - shark whale, busking (?) shark, frost fish.

Jonathan has caught lots of different fish in the sea - kahawai, pink fish, paua, eel (tuna - maori word for eel). And "I have visited Kelly Tarltons" (our underwater aquarium in Auckland)" and seen lots of sharks"

Manaia Kindergarten said...

Hi everyone at Spring Trail school. We have been reading a book you sent us about squirrels "The busy little squirrel". It is teaching us about winter - we are just finishing summer in New Zealand and some leaves are turning brown.

When we looked at your blog we saw you are learning about the sea life. Our children know lots about sea life and many of our children go fishing at the weekends. They wanted to share their stories with you. We hope you enjoy.

We love your sea life wall. We have been drawing some pictures of fish we have caught too.

Lots of love from Manaia Kindergarten, New Zealand

Kiwana Bufton said...

Wow I love the murals! We are making one now. We have been learning about sea life and the students really enjoy making the murals!