Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bubble Gum in Class...

We made a book about bubble gum. It took a few days to finish, but we got it done! Each child made their own book to take home to begin a nice collection of books that we'll make and that they can read at home. On the last day of bookmaking, we got to have bubble gum. We tried to blow a bubble. Most kids are still learning how to do it. We had a little poem we were chanting... BUBBLE GUM BUBBLE GUM JUICY AND WET, CAN YOU BLOW A BUBBLE YET? Take a look at our video to see who can blow a bubble, and who can't just yet:


DDurgin said...

This is soooo cute. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


There has been a lot of bubble blowing practicing going on at our house. We love the video and can't wait for more.

Angela Kuhns

Cindy said...

Hi Mrs. Kuhns,
Yes, I hear that there's bubble gum bublle blowing "classes" at your place! ;-)

Mrs. Blakely

SaraGrace's mom said...

We LOVE bubble gum at our house! We will keep working on our bubble gum blowing skills. SaraGrace loves to POP mom's big ones and is still trying to blow her own. I can't wait to pop HERS!

Thanks for the great blog!

SaraGrace's mom

Becky Levato said...

Just got my first chance to check out your classroom site! What a really great resource.I enjoy being able to see what goes on in BellaMia's class and the insight so we can discuss her day while having dinner.Thanks for allowing us this pleasure!!!!
Becky Levato (BellaMia's Mom)

Cindy said...

Mrs. Levato,
Thanks! Having parents (and others) see what we do in class is the reason we have our blog.
Be sure to check back in on us soon!