Monday, November 3, 2008

Patterns Repeat...

We continue working on patterns. We are having fun creating them with our materials as well as clapping, singing, dancing and marching in patterns. We found this video that helps clarify our understanding of patterns:
Thanks to Mrs. Tricia Fuglestad for allowing us to post her video on our blog! Mrs. Fuglestad is an Art teacher in the suburban Chicago-land area. Visit her website to see some of the FANTASTIC things she has created and shared: Dryden Art
Thanks again Mrs. Fuglestad!

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Maria said...

I have "Exploring Patterns" by Intellitools, and Millie's Math house on the computer. We do sound patterns, movement patterns, and we look for patterns in the environment. We make patterns using anything and everything. Some ideas that the students love are making patterns when they are lining up, clapping patterns while we wait for the rest of the class to wash their hands for lunch, and we make patterns using a lot of things in the classroom!