Friday, September 5, 2008

Learning Letters and Sounds...

In class we are learning the letters and sounds. We are learning a song that helps us too. We have all kinds of books that teach letters and sounds. We have puzzles and games to teach us too. We are also looking for more websites to help us.
We already visit the Alphabet Antics wiki, Inkless Tales, Star Fall and our own ABC Page.
This video makes use of environmental print to help with letter recognition. Enjoy:

Check back later for more alphabet fun!

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2M Gems said...

Hello Mrs Blakely,
We're the 2M Gems from Brisbane, Australia. We love reading your blog and seeing all the fabulous learning that's taking place in your room.
We think you are very clever at making movies - many of them have helped us with our learning. That's why we've nominated your blog for a little award. Go to our blog to find out more.
We can't wait to learn more from you this year.
From the 2M Gems